The Regent of Pesawaran Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Regency Government of Pesawaran and CEO of SDCP Holding's PTY

The District Government of Pesawaran officially cooperates with SDCP HOLDINGS PTY Australia. This was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by H. Dendi Ramadhona, S.T. as Regent of Pesawaran with Harry G. Oesep as Chairman and CEO of SDY HOLDINGS PTY Australia in Pesawaran Regency (02/10/19).


This collaboration is carried out with the aim of carrying out an integrated and sustainable development of the Tegineneng industrial area, a special economic zone for tourism and agriculture, agriculture and aquaculture in Pesawaran Regency. In the signed MoU, it is proposed that the technology to be used is (a) the transportation system that is most suitable for commercial viability given local conditions, (b) as far as possible the building will be constructed of wood using the latest technology, and (c) if possible, a factory 'Waste to Energy' will be used to produce electricity and other potential byproducts.


To support the implementation and operation of projects to be carried out, so in this MoU it is proposed that (a) vocational colleges be established for training local residents, (b) integrated projects to optimize benefits for both parties, and (c) to explore the development agriculture and aquaculture use the latest and unobtrusive technology.


Based on the cooperation that will be established, it is expected to be able to create new jobs, an increase in the welfare of the local community, as well as an increase in the skills of the local community, able to bring new technology, the emergence of new international partnerships designed to improve tourism both domestically and internationally.


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