Lampung Province is Ranked 7th in the National Investment Destination Area

Lampung Province is now in the top 10 domestic investment destination areas (PMDN), precisely in the seventh position. That position is the highest in the last decade, considering that Lampung's position in the national investment arena has not moved from the middle 14-15 national level.

Based on data from the Lampung Provincial One-stop Integrated Investment and Licensing Service (PTSP), in the First Quarter of 2017, Lampung was still ranked 13th nationally with an investment value of 1.58 trillion. In Quarter II, Lampung's position skyrocketed to position seven with an investment of Rp1.8 trillion and remained in position seven in Quarter III with an investment of Rp3.08 trillion.

The increase in investment flows to Lampung, according to Lampung Governor Muhammad Ridho Ficardo is inseparable from the conducive situation, infrastructure improvements, and investment guarantees.

Improvements in road and bridge infrastructure to a stable level of 77%, said the Governor, make the flow of goods and services faster. The investors, said by the Governor, also anticipated the operation of the Trans Sumatra Highway Road in June 2018 and the international status of Radin Inten II Airport, which would support logistical flows in and out of Lampung. Another supporting factor is the electricity surplus in the South Sumatra interconnection system.

Lampung Province has 12 commodities of agro-industrial raw materials such as pepper, coffee, chocolate, corn, oil palm, cassava, and rice. At present, 60-70% of the industry in Lampung is based on agro-industry.

In general, investment flows to Lampung, both domestic and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased dramatically from Rp. 5.3 trillion to Rp. 7. trillion in 2017. For FDI, Lampung was in 27th position nationally in Quarter III with a total investment of 32, 3 million US dollars and 39 projects.



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