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Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Bakung Landfill

Waste management in the “TPA Bakung” is intended to support the development of Bandar Lampung City sustainably, including through the management and utilization of waste in TPA Bakung into electricity. Data from the TPA Bakung Technical Service Unit shows that the average volume of Bandar Lampung daily waste piles in 2017 increased by 5.87%, amounting to 844.2 tons/day. The volume of waste produced will continue to increase along with the increasing activity of the people of Bandar Lampung City. The waste power plant is a power plant that utilizes waste as its fuel. This waste will use to heat water in the boiler. The hot steam generated by the boiler is put into a steam turbine which will rotate the generator to produce electrical energy. The plan to construct a Waste Power Plant in Bakung is expected to support the creation of more sustainable Bandar Lampung city development and a solution to the problem of garbage accumulation.

TPA Bakung is located at 5 ° 25 '55 "- 5 ° 27' 10" LS and 105 ° 13 '10 "- 105 ° 14' 45" BT in Bakung Village, Telukbetung Barat District, this location is in the west of Bandar Lampung center. The location of this project is under Regional Regulation No. 10 of 2011 concerning the Bandar Lampung City Spatial Plan. Hilly areas dominate the topography of the landfill area with elevations between 41 and 78 masl

 The Bakung Waste Power Plant investment offer:

  1. Maximum 8 Ha land that investors can use
  2. The minimum amount of waste treated is 506.52 tons/day of new organic waste (excluding 1.7 million tons of old waste at the Bakung landfill site)
  3. The results of processing waste are electricity with a minimum capacity of 9 MW with a medium voltage transmission system (20 kV)
  4. Build other facilities to support Infrastructure Operations Waste Management, including 1. Leachate Water Treatment, 2. Processing the ash, 3. Drinking water supply
  5. Construction of Bakung power plant with a capacity of 11,0453 MW is required budget around 460.59 billion.

Based on the amount of waste entering the Bakung Landfill, the calculation of thermal energy entering the boiler is 52,762,500 kcal/hour or 61,362.79 kWh. With 80% boiler efficiency (85% coal), the boiler output power is 48,090.23 kWh. For the efficiency of the Rakine cycle, the steam turbine, which ranges from 25% - 30%, 25%, is chosen, so the net power output is 12,272.56 kWh, which is used to drive the generator. Assuming generator efficiency is 90%, the generator output power used is 11,045.3 kWh or 11,0453 MW. So, electricity production is 11,0453 MW per hour. If the electricity price is IDR 2,027 per kW, then in a one-year Bakung power plant can get an income of IDR 196.12 billion per year. This project is expected to be completed and can operate in 2022.

Feasibility of Study Bakung Landfill Waste Power Plant Bandar Lampung