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Batu Putuk Developing Project

Bandar Lampung as a city that has many tourist facilities starting from restaurants, travel agencies, entertainment, business facility and so on. Bandar Lampung seeks to provide services to tourists by developing new tourism objects. Batu Putuk Nature Tourism is located in West Telukbetung with an area of approximately 20 Ha, covering the Batu Putuk Environment, Pulomas and Parendoan, waterfalls, and hills that flow small rivers. This area is ideal and has very promising potential to be explored and developed as a Nature Tourism Object. Batu Putuk area is also crossed by the river so it has the potential to be developed as a waterfront development area. The open space utilization can be developed with the Vegetation Area which can be used as a Rare Plantations, Bio Engineering and Architectural Vegetation.

The land of Batu Putuk Tourism Object is owned by Regional Government that is in the process of being certified at the BPN. The development of Batu Putuk Nature Tourism Object is just in the stage of physical development, which is 1½ km entrance, 20m x 1000m² paving block, 3m x 4m Musholla, toilets, walkway to the Waterfall, and electricity installation. The plans to develop Batu Putuk tourism object in the future:

a. Sesat Agung Building for MICE visits (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition)

b. Construction new roads and improvement quality of the main entrance into Batu Putuk area

c. Development of various attractions supporting natural attractions in the form of cable cars, children's playgrounds, outbound areas, rest shelter, the natural theatre also souvenirs and craft center

The location of Batu Putuk area is not too far from the city center, so it can attract tourists with the ease of road access and interesting tourist attractions. The development of the Batu Putuk area can be a new source of regional income with huge market potential.