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Bandar Lampung Agro Park Development Plan

Bandar Lampung Agro Park (BLAP) is located in Kemilling district with 5 – 7.5 Ha. Now, BLAP is a seedling hall owned by TP PKK in Bandar Lampung City. The construction of BLAP will function as a place that has various functions, including:

a. Ecological function as a place for the absorption of carbon dioxide, preservation of groundwater, anchoring of wind, amelioration of climate and habitat for wildlife.

b. Social and Education function as a tourist location to reduce stress levels and increase community productivity. BLAP will also be a place to maintain the comfort of the city as well as a place for educating agricultural knowledge and skills.

c. Economic function as a place for developing fruit commodities and agricultural crops to produce better economic value. BLAP is also a tourist spot for domestic and international tourists.

d. BLAP will be the identity of the city, as a landmark of Bandar Lampung city and an icon of the beauty of the city.

BLAP locations are close to the city center, airports, terminals and also education centers. The land status of the BLAP location has been clean and clear and the project is included in the Bandar Lampung City Spatial Planning (RTRW) and RPJMD. At this time, the seedling hall has often been visited by both domestic and foreign tourists, so BLAP has the potential to become a leading tourist location.