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Development of Lempasing Integrated Fish Auction Area

 The Integrated Fish Auction (IFA) Area is an integrated fish auction area since fish are caught, auctioned, traded, processed, and buffered fish stocks up to the consumers. Construction of an integrated fish auction site Lempasing has an integrated cold chain concept in the form of cold storage and ice factories. This location is planned to build 1 unit of cold storage with 50 tons capacity and 5 tons of ABF. Also, there are 4 units of CPF investments, with 1 chilling room and 1 ice block factory with 10 tons capacity. The facilities and infrastructure needed for supporting IFA are 21 units of shop houses, 1 fisherman shelter, 2 environmentally friendly boat workshops, 1 preparation room, 270 meters of ship dock, a health clinic for fishermen and surrounding communities, prayer rooms, public toilets, water tower, 1 unit AKR SPBN and 1 supervisory post. The dock capacity can accommodate 30 units of ships with a capacity of 0-28 GT and can be developed up to 60 ships.

 The fisheries and marine potential of Bandar Lampung city with 27.01 KM coastline length are very large. Lampung has one area of ​​the Minapolitan market, one of the best producing salted fish regions in Indonesia. The location of the IFA development plan for Lempasing has been certified and can be developed under the Bandar Lampung City Spatial Planning (RTRW).