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Way Laga Ruminansia Slaughterhouse

Way Laga Slaughterhouse is located in Way Laga The village, Sukabumi District. The capacity of slaughterhouses in Way Laga, Bandar Lampung is 25-30 cows per day, equivalent to 975,060 kg of meat per year. Seeing large meat requirements and stable supply of cattle from the feedlot, it requires further development to increase slaughterhouse capacity.

This slaughterhouse targets are having a cage with a capacity of 300 cows and a butcher capacity of 100 cows per day. To support these capacities, supporting resources are needed, including veterinarians, certified halal slaughterers, butcher (meat enumerators), as well as certified master (meat health examiners).

The opportunity to sell meat in Bandar Lampung with 38.59% of the population spends more than Rp 1,000,000 per month is very large. Meat consumption in Bandar Lampung City of 8.94 kg/capita/year requires a supply of good quality and hygienic meat. The slaughterhouse with large capacity and capable human resources can increase the efficiency and the quality of meat. The hope is that consumers can get meat with good quality and more efficient prices.