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Pilot Project Edu Mina Agro Tourism Area

The Batu Putuk fish seed center is a sub-hall of Rajabasa Fish Seed. The location is on land that has been certified and in accordance with the spatial plan and the city of Bandar Lampung. This seed center will be developed as a center to support the fish protein needs of the community, maintain the availability of fish seeds to consumption fish for the community. In addition, the construction of Edu Mina Agro Tourism is also used as a means of learning about freshwater fish and tourism with the concept of mina (fisheries) and agro (plantations) located in strategic locations.

The Batu Putuk fish seed center already has 26 fish pond units, 3 fish nursery units, 1 hall unit, offices and a guardhouse. Investment needs for the development of Batu Putuk Edu Mina Agro Tourism for the construction of infrastructure facilities and location expansion. This tourist location must be able to provide fish seeds, ornamental fish, consumption fish, and independent feed. In addition, supporters of the plantation concept need aquaponic and hydroponic fruit and vegetable plants. The Pilot Project village for fisheries requires careful planning and investment with the support of operational human resources, stakeholders and financing.