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Techno Park's location is located in Negara Bumi Ilir Village, Anak Tuha District, Central Lampung Regency, Lampung Province. The Central Lampung Techno Park area is approximately 20 Ha, approximately ± 10 km from Jalan Lintas Tengah Sumatra, it can be reached by using a car 4 ± 30 minutes.

The focus of Lampung Tengah's Techno Park business is cassava-based products, cattle, and rice. The zoning of Techno Park is divided into 3 (three) main zones, namely the public zone, the semi-public zone, and the semi-private zone. Public zones include mosques, plazas and auditorium buildings. The semi-private zone contains administrative and financial buildings, technology and product development building, innovative businesses, technology, and business incubation buildings, and also information and communication buildings. The semi-private zone is also equipped with guest dormitory buildings. The semi-public zone contains rice sample facilities, cassava sample areas, and cow sample facilities.