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Shrimp Farming

On the coast of East Lampung, it starts from Muara Belukang (Way Sekampung) in Pasir Sakti to Koala Penet (Way Curup) in Labuhan Maringgai which is a potential stretch of fishpond with an area of ​​8271 Ha, excluding conservation land. Of this potential, 6567 ha has been utilized, 1095 ha of intensive cultivation with Vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) with the productivity of 10-12 tons/ha or around 13,140 tons/year of fresh shrimp. 970 ha is used semi-intensively with a productivity of 2425 tons/year excluding milkfish, tilapia, and tiger shrimp.

Since 2010, East Lampung Regency has been designated as a Minapolitan Area by Decree of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries No: KEP.32 / MEN / 2010 CONCERNING DETERMINATION OF THE MINAPOLITAN AREA. Pasir Sakti and Labuhan Maringgai Subdistricts have also been designated as Minapolitan areas with Decree of the Regent number: B.324 / 04 / SK / 2010, where fisheries are economic mover that is supported across sectors so that it becomes an area that grows and develops.

The flagship cultivation of East Lampung is Vannamei Shrimp which is a prime export commodity with high demand and prices. Vannamei shrimp types are more resistant to disease and their growth is relatively faster. In 1200 m2 of ponds (2 ponds) the seeds can be stocked as much as 80,000 shrimp with an estimated margin of approximately Rp. 54 million in one harvest period. Supporting tools for shrimp farm investment that need to be provided include shrimp feed, probiotics, lime, ice factories, and frozen warehouses to maintain the quality of shrimp.