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SISKAPI Development

SISKAPI is a system of integration of oil palm with cattle in the Candi Puro district, one of the southern Lampung district’s programs. This program is an agribusiness development that aims to increase farmers' income. Palm leaf midrib can be used as animal feed, then cow dung produced can be obtained as biogas. The SISKAPI program is useful as a source of animal feed, a source of organic fertilizer, a source of meat consumption and a source of biogas.

In South Lampung PO Tanjung Sari cattle were also developed. PO cattle are cross-bred cattle on Ongole with Javanese cattle. This was done to improve the size and weight of the body so that the Ong region Ole (PO) cattle were born. This cattle population in South Lampung has reached 77.70%. The SISKAPI integration system is expected to drive the economic value of the cattle business and also oil palm in South Lampung.