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Susur Sungai Mesuji Tourism

Susur Sungai Mesuji is located in Wiralaga I and Wiralaga II Village, Mesuji Sub-District. The flow of this river crosses for 220 km and the width of the river is around 200 m. On the banks of the river, there are 9 old villages, namely Wiralaga, Sungai Sidang, Sungai Cambai, Sungai Badak, Nipah Kuning, Sri Tanjung, Kagungan Dalam, Talang Batu, and Labuhan Batin. A variety of fish, animals and rare plants located on the banks of the river are tourist attractions in the Mesuji river. Susur Sungai tourism development program is one form of traditional/cultural preservation of the Mesuji community as well as a place for regional tourism promotion.

To attract tourists, an annual event is held to enliven the Anniversary of Mesuji Regency. In this activity, there were 5 main competitions, namely rowing boat competition, ornamental boat competition, Ketek boat competition, creative dance competition, and Mesuji typical culinary competition. The Mesuji River Festival has been included in the Lampung Province event calendar.