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Pringsewu Market Development

Pringsewu Market has a total land area of ​​12,850 square meters. This market contains shops totaling 562 with a current gross income of Rp. 432 million. It is planned that the Pringsewu Market will be developed into three floors (minimum) with market development dimensions: 90 m X 75 m. The concept adopts Jakarta's Tanah Abang Market, which later can accommodate a minimum of 1,500 traders. The investment value is around Rp. 56.4 Billion with an estimated return on investment for 8 years 11 months.
The road infrastructure in Pringsewu which is currently in the process of being repaired and widening will support growth in this area. The number of banks operating in Pringsewu more than 39 banks will support the development of a business center in Pringsewu Market and the development of Pringsewu as part of Metropolitan City. Pringsewu also provides convenience for investors through permits that can be done online through the OSS and SiCantik Cloud application. All investment licenses have been centralized in DPMPTSP and the process of fulfilling commitments have been received directly from the Business Acceleration Task Force.