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Way Pisang Industrial Area

Way Pisang Industrial Area: Industrial area to accommodate commodities from agriculture, plantations, and livestock from the Southern Lampung Province (South Lampung Regency, East Lampung Regency, PesawaranRegency, Pringsewu Regency, Tanggamus Regency, and West Coastal Regency).

Location :

Registered Forest Way Pisang, South Lampung Regency (3 Subdistricts: Ketapang, Palas / Sragi, Penengahan). Close to Trans Sumatra Toll Road and National Cross Roads; Close to access to several regional and international ports and the supporting ports will be built.

Exit Tol: NORTH BAKAUHENI/Simpang Susun Bakauheni (5 Km) KALIANDA/Simpang Susun Kalianda (15 Km).

Land Status :

3.500 Ha Land Area: 460 Ha (Phase 1) has obtained the Approval of forest zone exchange principle from the ministry of environment and foresty, 3000 Ha (phases 2 and 3) on the process.

Regional Regulation No.15/ 2014: The addition of Lampung Provincial Government's Equity to PT. LJU of Rp. 10 billion (ten billion rupiahs) per year for 5 years for the construction of industrial estates.


1.     Upstream Agro-Industry

2.     Food Industry (Food Processing)

3.     Base Chemical Based on Oil and Coal Industry

4.     Metals and Minerals Not Metals Industry

5.     Transportation equipment industry

The Master Plan and Strategic Plan for the development of Way Pisang Industrial Area has been compiled by the Ministry of Industry in 2016. Preparation of Pre-Feasibility Study of Way Pisang Industrial Estate compiled by PT. Lampung Jasa Utama (Regional Owned Enterprises). Investment Estimated Cost for Phase 1 IDR 401 Billion.