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FOILA is a forum for synergy between stakeholders to encourage investment acceleration in Lampung. The Lampung Investment Forum (FOILA) focuses on the management of soft-infrastructure investment, namely managing information needed to shape positive perceptions of investment in Lampung. FOILA is a joint effort to (I) provide complete and updated investment information, (II) open access to information as widely as possible regarding investment potential and opportunities, and (III) increase the credibility of investment policies.

Briefly, FOILA aims to build positive perceptions and increase the effectiveness of investor relations, with the highest growth targets in the region.

FOILA functions are:

  • Inventory, analyze, and coordinate within the framework of policy synergies and efforts to improve regional investment climate;
  • Contribute to mapping, study, dialogue, and evaluation as well as Lampung investment prospectus;
  • Contribute to the dissemination of information and regulations, also the deepening of investment issues in intensify of activities related to the development of investor relations in preparation, implementation, and post-investment;
  • Contribute to the provision, regular updating, and improvement of access to various investment-related data and information that is relevant to investors.

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